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New GM at OFG

We have a New General manager at OFG – Jack Vandermass

Jack’s first day at OFG will be November 20. Please help us welcome Jack to this new position.

Weekly Announcements:

Good Afternoon all,

Are we allowed to ask for snow?  It seems like we are in a bit of a holding pattern – getting ready and waiting.  Christmas greens are arriving by the truckload into the building.  You can smell it when you walk in.  The sticks parade is also ready to go.  Amaryllis are on, Christmas cacti  are on – next poinsettias?  Cyclamen?

The next few weeks promise to have lots going on.

  • October 31 - plant prebook auction pick up
  • November 7 – plant prebook virtual auction for November 28 pick up (look for grower 4308 and pick up November 28)
  • November 7 – Christmas prebook virtual auction #1 for December 12 pick up (look for grower numbers starting in 4 and pick up of December 12)
  • November 14 – Christmas prebook virtual auction #2 for December 19 pick up (look for grower numbers starting in 4 and pick up of December 19)

This will be in addition to our normal virtual auctions!  Nothing like keeping it simple!

Oh and by the way – virtual auction for pick up on Thursday (local product) and import (pick up next Tuesday) is listed and ready for your PAP’s.  The availability of roses is fantastic and local growers keep surprising me with new offerings.

Have a great day,

Michelle Sloot
OFG Product Control
905 795 3361
416 428-9432 (cell)

PS I was hoping to have mrytle and jasmine on Tuesday’s auction – but truck is late.  Hopefully Thursday.  If you want to book mrytle topiaries for November they are listed for November 7 and December they are listed on the website for December 5.

Grower Contract Rules and Regulations

All members who join Ontario Flower Growers Co-operative will receive a copy of the Grower’s Contract. This document will cover the following:

  • The rules and Regulations established by the Board of Directors that each Grower must abide with.
  • The Criteria for the Maintenance of Membership


Revised, January 13, 2015

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