General Questions

Who can buy at OFG?

OFG is not open to the public. We are a wholesale distributor and sell to registered buyers. To become a regsitered buyer please visit our front office on the second level of 910 Midway Blvd. in Mississauga, or contact Issa at 905 670-9556 Ext. 5227, or email at iherrera@ontarioflowers.com

What is the Auction schedule and times?

Business Hours


Auction Start Time




6:00 am

5:00 am  – 3:00 pm

4:00 am – 8:00 pm


6:00 am

5:00 am  – 3:00 pm

4:00 am - 8:00 pm


10:00 am

7:00 am – 3:00 pm

7:00 am  – 8:00 pm


6:00 am

5:00 am  – 3:00 pm

4:00 am – 8:00 pm


6:00 am

5:00 am  – 3:00 pm

4:00 am  – 3:30 pm




6:00 am  – 2:00 pm





What is the difference between the minimum price and the Buy-Back price?

There is no difference, the terms are used interchangeably. Additionally, a Warehouse Sale is the same as a Buy-Back Sale.

What is the difference between a Buyer number and a Seat number?

A buyer number is assigned to a customer when they register at OFG. There is a one-time registration fee of $100. In order to make any purchase at OFG (Auction or otherwise), a buyer number is required. A Seat number is used when a buyer makes any auction purchase. A Seat number is assigned to a buyer number.

Why do I need a seat number to buy online?

Access Codes (previously called Seat numbers), are needed for all auction sales. So while you won’t need an access code for Warehouse and Shop the Clock sales online, you will need one to make PAPs, Pre-bids and (when using the Remote Buyer program) to stop the clock. You can ask at the front office for a Remote Seat number (free of charge) which you will use when online.

How / Where do I pick-up my purchases?

If you have bought online and are arriving to pick up your product, park in the parking garage and go to the Customer service desk. Let staff know your method of purchase – Shop the Clock, Warehouse Sale, Virtual Auction or Same-day Auction. You will then be directed to where your product is.

What are the Warehouse Sales hours, when can I make Buy-back purchases?

Warehouse / Buy-back purchases can be made during the auction, as soon as the product line is off auction. You can buy up until 11:00 am on Tuesday and Thursday, Noon on Wednesday, 9:00 am on Monday and 10:00 am on Friday. You can see the warehouse sales hours on the website under the Warehouse Sales menu.

What is the difference between a Reserved seat and a Non-Reserved seat?

Buyers have a choice between the two. A Reserved seat gives the buyer their own seat in the gallery. It is ‘theirs’ for the entire year. Reserved seat holders can make purchases in any sales stream without any additional fees.A Non-Reserved seat allows a buyer to make warehouse and Website (Shop the Clock) purchases. Auction sales can still be made, but are subject to an additional seat fee.

Do you deliver goods to my place?

The short answer is no, however there are 3rd party delivery services available – Khan Logistics (647 860-1545) and Karmar Delivery (www.karmardelivery.com 416 803-3792) both offer climate controlled vehicle delivery service. Delivery agreements made are between yourself and the delivery service.

Pre-Auction Purchases (PAPs) and Pre-bids

How / Where can I make PAPs and Pre-bids?

They are done exclusively on-line via the Remote Buyer Program or the website. Pre-bids can be made at any time, even during the auction.

For PAPs:

Using the Remote Buyer program go to the Supply menu (or Virtual Supply Menu for future sales) and click on the line you want purchase from, then click on the “P-A Purchase” button on the top menu and enter how many lots you want?

Using the Website, go to the Pre-Auction Purchase menu and click on “Make a PAP”. Choose either Gallery Sales (same day sales) or Virtual sales (future pick up). You will then have to enter your Remote Seat number (remote seats are obtained from the front office free of charge). Select how many lots you want and then click on “Buy it” The purchase is immediate and will be ready for pick up at 6:00 am on the next auction day.

For Pre-Bids:

Using the Remote Buyer program, click on the Supply listings and then click on a line item you want to bid on. Next, click on the Pre-Bid button on the top menu and then fill in the dialog box that appears by entering the amount you want to bid, the number of lots you want. Click ‘save’ and your bid will be registered.

Using the Website go to the Pre-bid menu and choose “Make a Pre-bid”. You will then have to enter your Remote Seat number (remote seats are obtained from the front office free of charge). Next, find the Product line you want to bid on, enter how many lots you’d like and then enter a bid.

When do the Pre-Auction Purchase (PAP) listing become available? How long are they available for?

Buyers can start making PAP purchases at approximately 3:00 pm the day before the next auction.

The listings grow as growers make more product available and by 7:00 to 9:00 pm, they are more or less complete. You can only make PAP purchases for the next auction and it is ‘first come, first get’. Many buyers will check the listings multiple times a day. PAP is available up until 3:00 am of the day of the auction.

Monday is the only day PAPs aren’t available. For Monday on-line sales, you are better off using the website Shop the Clock feature

What do the yellow and orange lines on PAP listings mean?

Yellow lines indicate that the product has never been on auction before

Orange lines mean that the product has been on auction before.

All product is inspected daily and graded appropriately.

Why aren’t all lots available for PAP?

We offer up to half of the lots in any given product line for PAP. We don’t want to alienate the gallery buyers so we keep the other half for on-site buyers. If there is only 1 lot in total, it will only be available in the gallery auction. If you see a line item with no more PAP availability you can always make a Pre-bid.

How much should I Pre-bid?

This is a tough question as there are no guarantees on an auction. If the product is in demand, such as red roses near Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably want to pre-bid more than the Buy-Back price. You can always look at the average auction price listings on the website, here you’ll see average pricing from the last auction as well as from last week and many weeks before (up to 3 years of history is kept).

Virtual Auctions

How do Virtual Auctions work?

Virtual Auctions (VA) are for purchase on one day and pick up for a future day. Typically we have 3 VA per week; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, although occasionally we offer special holiday pre-book auctions right after the usual VA.

Local product is on VA on all three days (Mon, Tues, Wed), while import product is available only on Tuesday. Pick up days vary by import or local product and by which day they are sold. To see the VA schedule and pick up days look under the “Ways to Purchase” page.

Can I make PAPs and Pre-bids on the Virtual Auction?

Yes, absolutely.

Using the Remote Buyer Program choose “Virtual Supply” from the top menu and proceed.

Using the Website, go to either the Pre-Auction Purchase menu or the Pre-Bid menu and then choose “Virtual Sales” near the top of the product line listings

How do I keep track of my virtual auction purchases?

If you log into the website and then click on ‘Orders’ under the Order menu you will see a list of your purchases - Website, Warehouse and Virtual Auction. Each line will list your purchase date as well as your pick up date. Each line will remain active up until 2 days after the pick-up date.

Shop the Clock – Web Sales

What is the difference between Shop the Clock and Web sales?

Shop the Clock (STC) and Web Sales are essentially the same thing. They both refer to product purchased on-line although they do not include Warehouse / Buy Back sales, Pre-Bids or PAPs. STC is product that is not on auction, it is only available as a web sale. STC sales have 4 pick-up shop dates – Mon, Tues, Thurs and Saturday. Monday is by far the most popular shopping day, you’ll find the most product available for this day.

When does product become available for Shop the Clock?

Using the calendar selection tool, you can choose any pick-up date in the future, however growers generally post availability 4 days to 1 week in advance. For Monday pick-up, product is posted by the previous Wednesday.

When can Pick-up my STC product?

On Mon, Tues and Thurs at 6:00 am

On Saturday at 11:00 am

Is there a cut-off time to place STC orders?

In order to let the grower cut and prepare the product, he’ll need time to gather the orders and deliver to OFG. For this reason we have order cut-off times. For Tues, Thurs and Sat pick-up days the cut-off time is 36 hours before the delivery date, so 1.5 days, or in other words - for a Thursday order you’ll have until Tuesday at midnight to place the order.

Monday is an exception to this rule. You have until 11:00 pm on Sunday night to place your order for the next morning pick-up.


What are Pail deposits?

OFG offers hydrated floral product ready for you to take and re-sell right away. Water in pails is treated with preservative. All pails require a deposit which varies depending on pail size. You will see the deposit charge on your invoice. Deposits are mostly refundable when you return the pails to the pail department on your next visit. There is $0.50 cent cleaning fee deducted for each pail.

How do Access fees work? What are my options?

Access fees (previously called seat fees) are paid annually and are required by all buyers. There are 2 programs:

  1. Annual Access fee: $800; allows a buyer to purchase on all sales streams, auction and non-auction. No other fees .
  2. Basic Access fee $200; gives the buyer access to Warehouse, Website, Pre-Sales and Greenhouse Direct sales. If the buyer chooses to make auction sales there is a $40 seat fee per auction.

Any other fees I should know about?

There is a one-time registration fee of $100. There is also a nominal 1% fee on all purchases that will be included on your invoice. The only other addition is HST.