Canada Blooms and Virtual Auctions

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that the sun is cheering everyone up. The promise of spring brings a smile to most people’s face.

One of the hallmarks of spring in Ontario is the Canada Blooms show in Toronto. This year OFG will be there in a big way. We are running the market place. We are featuring Ontario grown flowers We also have a booth there for anyone who wants to ask us questions about Ontario Flower Growers and who we are. Why are we there? We want the public to know that Ontario product is awesome. Do we want the public to come to the auction? NO! We want the public to come to you and ask “Do you go to the flower auction? I saw them at Canada Blooms and they had awesome flowers!”. We will also have our awesome logo (Clock flower pot) prominently displayed. We hope to shortly have decals available for you to display in your stores so there will be more connections between OFG and you and your customers. More information to follow!

Stay tuned grower 202 says they will start posting on virtual auction. What would you like to see from them?

Coming tomorrow:

Plant prebook virtual auction pick up March 27. Please look for grower 4308 in virtual supply. I was sleeping (again) and didn’t change the code in time for it to read PUMR27. I’m going to change it tomorrow right after the auction so hopefully it will be correct for April.

Hard goods virtual auction (take 2) – The last hard goods auction was VERY EXCITING. However, it was also cancelled due to incorrect data given to the entry person. The deals were too good to be true. If you purchased on the last hard goods auction and you purchase on tomorrow’s again you will receive a 5% discount on any hard goods purchased to compensate for any inconvenience. The data has been corrected and we will run this auction at least this Tuesday and next Tuesday. Delivery will be the following week (March 13 and March 20).

Virtual auction will be activated around 1 PM

Michelle Sloot

OFG Product Control

905 795 3361

416 428-9432 (cell)

Grower Contract Rules and Regulations

All members who join Ontario Flower Growers Co-operative will receive a copy of the Grower’s Contract. This document will cover the following:

  • The rules and Regulations established by the Board of Directors that each Grower must abide with.
  • The Criteria for the Maintenance of Membership


Revised, January 13, 2015